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Need help finding the right places? Want to hear all of my secrets, but a package is not what you want? Just hire me per hour as your travel advisor & assistant and we will work together design your trip.

Travel Assistance

50per hour

  • Call to discuss your wishes
  • Clear indication of hours needed
  • No financial surprises
  • Unlimited access to me for questions
  • VAT included

Finding the right places, contacts and activities in a city like Florence can be very hard and even more overwhelming. Seems like there are so many websites, services, guides, places to visit. As a result it can sometimes be really hard to determine where to start. That’s where I step in! I have a big network of experienced tourism professionals who will work along with me to to give you the best possible time in Florence based on your individual wishes. I work based on an hourly rate and you will always have a clear indication in advance of the costs involved.

It’s hard to figure out exactly where to go and what to do in a new city. Therefore I design tailor-made itineraries fully adapted to your wishes, showing the beauty of Florence, off the beaten track.

Tailor-made Itinerary

115per itinerary

  • Call to discuss your wishes
  • Unlimited access to me for questions
  • Free ‘Details of Florence’ guide
  • VAT included
  • Service excludes booking tickets

You don’t always want to go around town with a tour guide. Sometimes it can be just as nice to do things at your own pace and enjoy the city in the way you prefer. Hence, with tailor-made itineraries you have all the freedom you want, whilst still getting all the ‘Details of Florence’. In a booklet designed specifically for you, you get suggestions for routes, things to visit, interesting background stories and details to look out for. Furthermore, it also includes restaurant suggestions. In short, it’s a little guidebook fully adapted to your wishes!

Full assistance and advice on planning and booking your trip. Connecting you to the best guides, finding the nicest restaurants and discovering the hidden gems of Florence. In short, I worry about it all, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy!

Travel Advice Package

295per trip

  • 4 hours of full advice & planning
  • Unlimited access to me for questions
  • ‘Welcome Aperitivo’ (max 6 pers.)
  • Every extra person € 15
  • VAT included

Full travel advice is everything you get in the Tailor-Made Itinerary package, but more! Not only do you get this extensive, tailor-made and personalized advice. Above all, I help you out with booking and reserving tickets, hotels, transport, guides and restaurants. It’s a carefree package for those of you who want to fully enjoy every bit of the city, without having to use a lot of time in your busy life sorting everything out. You simply have a call with me, we discuss your wishes and off I go, on my way to give you the trip of your dreams!

Make your trip more exciting and personal by learning more about the city! Because personal stories are always more fun than dry facts. While you enjoy a glass of wine, I share my experiences.

Add a Story

90per lecture (max. 6 pers.)

  • Lecture of 1,5 hour
  • Topic of choice
  • Glass of wine and some bites
  • Every extra person € 10
  • VAT included

Rather than reading guide books and browsing the internet, you learn even more about a place through personal stories! Why not ‘add a story’ to your trip?! In a 1,5 hour session I give you a crash course on Florence, being a Florentine, the history, the art and tap in on any specific questions you may have. So, since we are in Italy, we do that with a nice glass of wine! I bring the wine, bites and stories, you bring yourself, curiosity and enthusiasm. We discuss the topics on beforehand, so that I can give you a fully personalized experience.

Contact me for more info & detailed prices!

Curious after reading about my services? Want to know how Details of Florence can help you plan the trip of your dreams? Rather than browsing endlessly through guide books, websites and social media, just fill out the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours, to answer all of your questions.

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